Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: Is your website safe from this HUGE algorithm update?

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: Is your website safe from this HUGE algorithm update?

The technology has been changed a lot and the use of mobiles to browse the internet has been surpassed by the use of personal computers and laptops. So it is important for you to update your website and make it mobile-friendly. No simply being mobile-friendly isn't enough, it's necessary to require the utmost care of the mobile version.


What is the Mobile-Friendly Update and should we be worried that people in the industry?

Google has made the decision to clean up its mobile rankings by introducing an algorithm update that penalizes any website that doesn't offer its users a good mobile experience and promotes those that do. In other words, responsive websites or those with a dedicated mobile version can shortly become more prominent in mobile search results and others are likely to fall.


Why has Google introduced this update? 

Google has described the Mobile-Friendly Update as “two important changes to assist users to discover more mobile-friendly content”. The last few years have seen mobile traffic soar and, with voice search uptake increasing, it’s only set to grow in the years to come. Google's focus is is to provide its users with the sites that have the most effective usability and also the most relevant content to boost their expertise and consolidate its position as their preferred search engine.


Google speed update

The speed of your mobile version is going to play a huge role in determining the ranking of your site on Google, yes you read it right. it's attending to influence your web site heaps. Here is the detailed analysis of how mobile page speed insights have an effect on the ranking of a website in the search engine.


What is Google’s Speed Update and How it Responsive Design affects the Update

To put it in simple words, Google’s latest mobile speed update is nothing but the speed of your mobile version website and how it affects the website. If your website is loaded quickly in the mobile version it is likely to appear on the top in the search results of a search engine.

This speed became very important in ranking the web site. Google said that this affects the pages that take a lot of time to respond. The pages with good and super-responsive speed shouldn’t be worried about this. This update is similar to the update that has been made in 2010 when the time is taken to turn a page used to influence the ranking of a website.

In order to provide fast and best browsing experience for its viewers, Google took this drastic step. Do not fall into the misconception that just fast loading pages aren’t going to affect the speed of the website. The intent of the search is also very important. The relevant and great content always have a great impact on traffic and ranking. This fast loading is just another important factor that must be considered.


Why Are Mobile Page Speed Insights So Much Important?

Google algorithm is based on the mobile version of a website rather than the desktop version. So it has become important for the websites to make sure that both the mobile version is fast enough and can cope up with the recent rules and regulations of Google. Nearly 40 percent of the consumers leave a page if it doesn’t load in three seconds, this is the reason why Google is trying to rank the pages based on their speed so that the visitors will get to witness only high-speed websites on the top of the search engines.

The responsive design of a website is very important and the website owners should take utmost care in this process. They have to make sure that their website is loading with lightning speed. Keeping the website up to date and optimize it according to the search engine are two main factors that a website owner should consider.


How soon you can see its impact?

If you've been tracking your mobile rankings before the new update, you can check now and see if there is an immediate change. However, it may take weeks to bed in so there could well be a lot of fluctuation in the short-term. 


SEO is the Bigger Picture

Yes, SEO is very important to take care of the content present on the website. The Web design company in Mumbai LAKSN Technologies will provide you with the best mobile-friendly responsive page that is designed to load with the utmost speed.

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