Influence your audience with the right content – developed by imposing the sound content marketing strategy


Content with a Focus on Branding

We build creative and compelling content to distribute on the website and in other online channels to reach your targeted audience. Our content marketers will define a strategy and develop content by knowing your customer persona and interests. We create influencing content for your blogs, infographics, press release, case studies, articles, social media, email marketing and more. We also provide a diverse range of content marketing services that help in achieving your inbound marketing goals.

LAKSN content marketing offerings


The content marketing strategy will support us in getting the clear understanding of your business; it answers the three main questions including where your business is positioned currently, what steps to be taken, and future of your business. We identify your buyer persona and if you already implemented it, we evaluate and find new ways to strengthen it. Our content marketers also perform the content audit to examine your existing content and prepare an editorial calendar to publish blogs, articles, white papers, email, and social media content to improve your conversions.


We identify the online content distribution channels that provide the expected returns for your business. We also analyze the competitor’s promotional channels and compare with your existing distribution channels to uncover the new alternatives apart from the website, email and social media. Our in-house content marketers will also connect with industrial influencer interested in sharing your content in social channels to build brand credibility.


We determine the best fit content that helps you in providing greatest business return and leverage our in-house team to prepare the content that meets your unique business needs. We also ensure that every piece of content we deliver is authentic and created for your specific business goals.


As Google loves fresh content, we audit your outdated content and replace with new and optimized content that draws visitors. If your web pages have older links, screen shots, and outdated statistics, we will update with the more suitable source to strengthen your brand. Our specialized experts will report the progress by providing the exact details on content promotions, customer interests, page traffic and customer insights.


If your content has appeared as the solution for the problem searched by your audience, it gets visible in the search results. Our content optimization service will enhance your online visibility by conducting keyword research, imposing SEO practices and understanding customer insights and behavior. Content marketing optimization is an iterative process which is continued for the overall business development.