Why is organic SEO so important for companies?

Why is organic SEO so important for companies?

Google makes an enormous amount of money through advertisements, and why not?  They own the the largest  market share within the  world and are in top position in list when it comes to searching for something online.

What is specialized though, is that Google is getting fairer and more honest in the way they deal out 'rankings' to the best websites. Gone are the days of spamming and keyword stuffing to get you to the highest spots. With regular new algorithm updates, the websites that do the best are the ones which are engaged with their audience and are the foremost secure & speedy with top quality content. it's important to keep up to speed with new algorithm roll-outs!

Whilst paying for adverts directly to Google is good for certain businesses (PPC) We have found that 'organic' (natural) SEO is the best  long run strategy for the best leads. Here's 3 top tips to that regards:

1 Copywriting.

You cannot underestimate the worth of well written copy and words. As I mentioned briefly, just spamming your keywords over and over will not help you any more. It used to be a 'trick' or a 'black-hat' way to gain more climbs in the search engines. What you need now is well thought out, interesting copywriting. It's not only well received by the algorithms it is also useful to your users who will come back for more if they see that you write sense. Make sure you employ professional content writers for all of your digital marketing literature both on and off-site.

2 Post engagement :

Post engagement is key. Just posting stuff is not what it's about. You need 'engagement' - that's probably the most important buzz word in SEO right now. If you engage more with your audience, this is noticed and gives you more 'marks' in your aim to climb to the dizzying heights of Page 1. Posts aren't  just about saying "I am an SEO Agency click here" Rather, make the post more engaging, why not create a poll, or create a short video, or write a short helpful blog (like this one cough cough!) Rather than 'selling' think about 'engaging' - or maybe a better way of putting it is being 'helpful'. The more you engage and interact with your audience, the better.

3 Decent backlinks.

Do not pay anyone to post your links all over the internet, this can really harm your business and is known as spamming! However, quality backlinks are a huge factor in SEO and get them wherever you can. It is very important the backlinks are quality and placed within reputable websites. This will ensure you good gains if you practice the ethical approach and do things the honest way that you would in any type of recommendation. Eg - " The LAKSN Technologies (Based in Mumbai India) team are highly professional and an SEO Company you can trust " - Do this regularly and again don't spam it - and see some good results!

I hope you've found reading this post insightful - these points have been learned over many years of trial and error and with all the changes in the search engines constant learning is required.

Get in touch if you have a query, or you'd like some help with your own organic SEO? Wishing you best of success.

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