How to Make Your Social Media More Accessible to Everyone

How to Make Your Social Media More Accessible to Everyone

If you go through our blogs or articles before then you notice that most of the blogs are related to SEO of web designing and development. In LAKSN Technologies we help businesses to build strong web presence through design and consulting service.We’ve taken forward decision to provide our own website meets conformity standards and we are also trying to promote and convenience to our clients 

Now our outlook is changed and move to another accessibility aspect which is Social Media.

We learn lots of techniques for ourselves about website accessibility and web content accessibility ,but then we conclude that some steps of social media are available for us to promotion. I’d always thought that every platform was responsive for its own convenience,and also the content creator,. So I had no control on creating  social media accessible.

One of the  social media successful campaigns in india was”Look Up” and a logo projecting the same, the brand underwent change with new logo and an optimistic brand identity. The brand achieved responses with #lookupmoments where people shared their pictures and kept up the momentum.
Here we introduce  6 ways you can make your social media presence more accessible.


Basically hashtag is trending on social media. Camel CAse hashtag means, we have to capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag
For example #Webdeveloping instead of this, we can use #WebDeveloping


We are all familiar with the emojis. They have more emotions and fun than only text overall gives your social media content little extra effects.Thats why emojis also help to make social media more accessible. 
Users with disabilities can use assistive devices, including a screen reader. For a user who may be partially blind, Emojis are essentially meaningless. In your photos there are only Emojis as the only caption, it gives no context to the user that can’t see it. Their screen reader would read it exactly as it is coded to be read (in most cases, just the thing it literally is).



Alt text is an aspect in HTML For use text on image.Text on image is another thing tis ok to do but in perfect moderation  This text works inside the image bag when the image can not be advertised it helps search engines to understand the image.ALT text is very important to find the image easily .
Some importants points for effective image alt text 

  1. Illustrate the image and be specific 
  2. Count of alt text should be not more than 125 characters. 
  3. USing casual keywords 
  4. Don't be overcrowded while using keywords in each single image's alt text.   

There is another way to use alt text ,user can use this way also .Alt text  is accomplished with an image and that screen readers can see/read. For example, the above post’s alt-tag could read “schedule of events at City Tavern this week.” Every source is different and it is a setting you’ll need to empower in each one (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


Design our channel is very important for viewers attention. This is not only for accessibility, but it is useful.
Lots of companies are using social media scheduling tools and they have professional.
With the help of social media scheduling tools (Social Pilot, Hootsuite , etc) we can easily schedule our post for publish on all platforms at the same time. So we can save our efforts and time , I think usability suffers.  
Using proper proportion and image sizing is important s .If the context of the photo is cut off or different based on the platform, some users may not be able to view it.


Sometimes you find out the companies website link  on the post to grab their attention towards the company. The link text should be descriptive of its perfect location.
Readers and other devices generally separate links from the rest of the content, so if there are multiple links and they all simple say “click here for more information,” screen readers can not understand that.
To help them we suppose to you descriptive links 
Examples -Click here for more information
Click the link to download a PDF about our new Web Designing service.
So users can understand and then they open the file or link


Caption is trending now on social media it's also useful for you websites. The reasoning behind using captions on videos is self-informative. The idea is that users who may be hearing impaired can watch your video and still understand what is being said.
We recently posted a few blogs of our team members and it was important to me that we put captions on those blogs. 


We will find more things as we learn this we can do to make the web a more comprehensive place for all. We'll Keep learning, understand and find different ways for creating our  websites and social media presence and more accessible.
If you have questions about this post or want to discuss website compliance for your website, please contact us by phone at +918108325237 or click this link to email us.
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