7 Smart Ways to Build Good quality Backlinks to Your Website

7 Smart Ways to Build Good quality Backlinks to Your Website

 To get quality backlinks you can follow these steps 

In Terminlogy  search engine optimization (SEO) , a quality backlink is a backlink that links to your website using your keywords or keyword phase, and appears on the website that has similar topics as our own websites. Links are very important for websites and its also control the website.
Backlinks takes major part to improve SEO ranking. Being creating backlinks is very tough process to any web editor so what kinds of backlinks are useful for building posts blogs or websites is described in this article.

1. Infographic: 

Infographics is very popular and  a high standard Infographic is remain the most productive way to obtain a backlink..Well-known websites all over the world use infographics, and they often go viral on social media What you really want is an elevated quality & instructive   Infographic ,their are simple three points

  • Create an embed code for your infographic
  • Create infographics on social media but in an easy way.
  • Always publish a content version of the infographic too.

When your Infographic is complete, you have to coordinate with  content writer or blogger who are more ready to post your infographic on their blog. In the source, generally they  link out to your website & this is a successful path to create backlink for your website .

2. Social Networking Site Profile

Social Networking sites also help us to create backlinks and gives traffic to our websites this is one of the fastest methods.
Many social bookmarking and networking sites have a high page rank this ranks flow to you account
Use of social bookmarking and social networking can get lots of quality backlinks. You can add your link on your social account 
 Now days many sites gives permission you to post your website link on their website through publishing blog.You can try that .

3. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best marketing .it is an old form of marketing as well as very effective methods to create backlinks for our websites.
If his method works, there are some things you must focused when trying to get backlinks through article marketing. You need to understand the very important thing:
Article marketing is effective only on websites.
For example,  if you are a digital marketing company,You should publish content or article on an article directory site which is only targeting the SEO niche.
When you are promoting your website with the help of article marketing you should use anchor tag it effective Your link will become valueless if you don’t have the right anchor tag.
You should publish your articles in popular directories. Backlinks is also important to make use of the do-follow article directories because many search engines discount links from no-follow websites.

4. Press Release

Press Release is  important technique  to get quality backlinks to your blog 
When you do it properly , you can aquire a more amount of  quality backlinks from press release sites because they are supplying content to a lot of smaller sites which can easily get picked up by news sites. This means more submission  and more feature backlinks for you.
There are some points which help you to improve your quality backlink

  • Using Keywords as Your Top Press Release Tactic
  • Use Strong Reference For  Links Pointing Toward Relevant Content
  • Transfer Industry Bloggers and Influencers into a Distribution Press Release Tactic
  • Circulate Your Press Release To Related Newswire Sites
  • Prepare your press Release which can easily available

You should also guaranteed you have a link to your website in the body of your content because this will argue between people scraping your content without giving credit.

5. Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing is another way  to get quality backlinks to your website is by publishing your content and digital books to document sharing websites.
Document sharing is make your article attractive and important .You can do this by finishing your blog posts as .pdf files and uploading them to file-sharing websites and post the backlink. 
Lots of  people are scared of using documents sharing, but it gives you some high-quality backlinks and responses .Lots of these sites are trusted by Google.
Also, most of these sites are do-follow.

6. Guest Blogging

Another great way of build quality backlink is Guest blogging 
Unlike article marketing, the backlinks built through guest blogging are high quality and authority. First of all the  contents was not duplicate and all content are trusted bye google 
Lots of blogs also have a high page rank, and your article can stay on their homepage for some time.
If you post great article the people influenced by the article and then they check the backlink . This means more power which shift over to your website.

7. Commenting 

Many people are asking questions on different sites like Quara so we have to answer them in comment session and just publish our website's backlink in that answers .Even if you are new you can still use this method to your advantage by writing valuable comments.

  • Following are noticeable points 
  • Not-follow comments are useless  While building backlinks there are no use of no follow comments so delete them
  •  Comments which follow are the best.


All links are not the same .Creating quality baclinks increase your SEO range and also increase traffic on website .
When your performance good at all of the above suggestions, then you can get better results,more traffic and potentially perfect  improvement in your search engine rankings.
So you should create quality backlinks for your websites with the help of this topics 



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