Are you looking to make a world class mobile app? Great, but what should be the right process to achieve? There are various factors which are very crucial before starting Mobile App Development.   Let’s see some for the statistics to analyze the importance of Mobile App Development in current World economic conditions.

There are approx. 2.32 billion mobile users present worldwide in 2017 and will cross 3 billion by 2021.
There are 3.6 million Android apps present in Google Pay Store till March 2018.
There are 2 million apps available on Apple app store at present.
These statistics reflect the importance and necessity of Mobile App Development and it consistently increases with time. But the quality of app should never compromise with, in-fact developer must ensure for the quantity, user-friendly, and easy to use for users.

Here is the list of Idea’s and Facts Developer should look after before developing Mobile App Development.


Deep Market Research
Before starting the App Development deep market research is required. This research information will help in not repeating competitor’s mistakes in your case. This will also help in getting users like and dislikes and their choices. Keeping these in mind will ensure to win over your competitors.

The reason for developing an app
It is very essential to have a clear objective and vision to develop an App. The things which you would like to serve, the features which will be provided is very important to be clarified before the development. There must be collaborated between your business model and App accomplished.

Determine the cost of development
Cost determining is a very tough process as it is very difficult to balance between production and maintenance cost for an app. Cost of a mobile app depends on various factors like native or hybrid, the complexity of design and functionality. So it must be ensured before the start that what will be your source of earning through the app and how much will be the total investment as the right balance between these two determines apps success or failure.

UI/UX Design
UI/ UX is the most important point to be focused for an app development. If you fail in doing then the app will be a failure. The design is a most compelling pixel that determines the success of your app. A good application always focuses on UI/UX as if a user doesn’t like the design they will never use it again and it is a fact that 90% user’s don’t come back if an application is not interactive and user-friendly.

Focus on Marketing Strategy
Market strategy planning helps in reaching your target audience. Creating buzz before launch always helps in getting users attention and that will make your app success. 2-3 weeks before launch developer and marketing team should make a constructive plan to ensure their audience and make them know about all the features and services provided by your app.

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